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Mattress Inspection
Mattress Inspection

BedIRR™ Company is a mattress inspection and repair service with technicians right across Canada servicing every major urban centre in the country.


With a strong background in both retail and manufacturing, our technicians inspect each set thoroughly, providing a detailed service report and appropriate pictures that our clients can easily read and understand.


Our focus is our clients’ needs:

  • contacting customers and setting up appointments quickly

  • providing courteous, professional service and submitting reports and related materials in a timely manner.


Our vision is to be the gold standard of customer service; accountable, responsible, quick and courteous.


With a strong, national presence in Canada, we are now expanding into the U.S. market including The West Coast, The American South West, and the Southern U.S. states.

Customer Direct Mattress Inspections
Customer Direct Mattress Inspections

Is your mattress causing back aches?

Does it feel softer than it used to?


Does it sag noticeably?


Have you contacted your retailer only to be sent a Remote Evaluation Form that you don't know what to make of or how to fill it out?

Our technicians will inspect your entire set (including the bed frame) as per the manufacturer's warranty and inform you of any problems. We will fill out the form for you and take the required pictures that you will need to send in as well.

Maybe your mattress set has particular issue but the warranty has expired. You like the mattress and don't want to replace it. Well, if the problem is repairable, then we can fix it - usually right in the home.

Hotel Mattress Maintenance Program
Hotel Mattress Maintenance Program

We at BedIRR™ have developed a maintenance program directly for the Hotel industry with the objective of maintaining the integrity and extending the life span of their mattresses- an idea greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm by hotel management executives.

For those hotels that do not see their reps on a regular basis, or even for those who do, this is an excellent way to have a professional inspection service inspect as many beds as you would like us to do and deal with any issues before they become a major concern.


We will let you know if the mattresses are wearing out properly, indicate those that are not, offer suggestions for better maintenance and inspect bed frames to ensure they have the proper center support.


We will also look for other more subtle signs of mattress wear: tape skips, panel leans, bent edge wires, and perimeter foam bulges. We will then sit down with you and discuss our findings - all according to your own time frame and convenience.

Furniture Assembly
Furniture Assembly

Do you have a dining room table and matching chairs that you don't have the time to assemble?

Are clothes still lying in a pile in your closet because you just can't figure out the schematics of that closet organizer you bought a month ago?

We have the experience and a national work force of technicians who will come to your home to assemble anything you might need done, be it a book case or a bicycle.


We do not charge by the hour, so an accurate price can be quoted to you right over the phone, with no nasty surprises at the end of the job. All our techs are bondable and carry insurance for your peace of mind.

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